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Everyone is welcome. Feel free to visit anytime if you are considering a membership or personal training. Walk-ins are £7 per gym visit.

07532 614014    BTC, Miller's Road, Warwick CV34 5AE Mon-Fri 6:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 8:00-16:00
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You get out what you put in!

There are many ways to get fit and in shape, and as long as you have a goal and stay determined you will reach it. How? It's up to you.

Cardio, functional, bodybuilding, weightlifting or powerlifting, you can try them all under one roof.


Barbell Training complex is the home of powerlifting in the area.

We cater to anyone from novice to elite, with a sincere commitment to learning proper execution in the classic powerlifting movements Squat, Bench & deadlift.

We haven't been open that long but already have a great community with everyone motivation and helping each other to progress and hit their targets.


Even though we don't advertise it as much as we should, we have some great equipment for bodybuilders you’ll find 25+ stations, especially if you like a leg day.

Personal Training

Personal training has been our cornerstone since 2017 and still is now we have opened up the gym to everyone.

We have decades of experience for what is essentially a fairly young team with a varied background from weight loss to bodybuilding to powerlifting.

We will help you goal set and stay on track to reach the goals you require.

We're here to help. Please contact us for further details and we'd be happy to discuss your training needs and goals with you.

Food and Nutrition Plans

When it comes to losing or gaining weight, food can be just as important, if not more so than exercise. We encourage clients to change their dietary habits to support their end goals, controlling macronutrients and use food as fuel.

Take charge of your life

It's not all about working hard in the gym. Working hard is a part of improving your health and physique but its important to get your diet right and to rest to recover without over doing it. If you'd, like to know more and find the right balance, our experts are here to help.

Do your best


Balance your diet


Well earned recovery


Level up!