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Everyone is welcome. Feel free to visit anytime if you are considering a membership or personal training. Walk-ins are £7 per gym visit.

07532 614014    BTC, Miller's Road, Warwick CV34 5AE Mon-Fri 6:00-21:00, Sat-Sun 8:00-16:00
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What We Have to Offer


Barbell Training Complex offers many packages to suit your needs, choose to train on your own, with a friend, in a group or you can choose to do personal training sessions which you can buy as a pack or as a one off cost with one of our personal trainers

Barbell Training Complex


is a new community developed to provide a unique service at an affordable cost. We know exactly how to provide the most suitable training plan and nutritional guidance to ensure you reach practical and achievable goals to meet your needs.

Lets Get You Motivated


We genuinely care about your progress. We have clients who had previously never set foot in a gym before coming here, who now train with us 3 or 4 times a week, because we know how to motivate you, and most importantly we know how to make it fun! Come down, take a look around.


at Barbell Training Complex


at Barbell Training Complex


at Barbell Training Complex

Push your limits forward

Train with the best experts in the fitness industry. Experience the latest innovative gym equipment, get a tailored program that's right for you and your goals and get onboard with special nutrition plans to suit your lifestyle. Your results will speak for themselves.

Now with two extra large open gym areas to cater for all your needs in fitness, powerlifting or bodybuilding.

Don't want to go at it alone? Are you a complete newbee? Want some help meeting your goals and targets? We're here to help. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Partners who train together stay together! Receive reduced cost personal training and get fit together. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

Includes body composition checks, Including fat and lean mass, metabolic age and more.

Eliot, with his wealth of experience as a professional powerlifter has helped progress my strength, fitness and technique to a new level. Every session is a powerlifting masterclass.

Julian Tregaskis

I've just finished my first year of PT training, and can honestly say that it's changed my life. I have a stressful job & travel a lot, but my PT has changed my diet, and my whole attitude towards training

James Holdsworth

I'd been training for years but wasn't making progress. My PT at Barbell Training Complex has already shown me where I was going wrong, and I'm now seeing real changes in my strength and fitness

Jessica Wright

I am at an age where I just want to be fit and healthy. Our bodies are our responsibility! So start caring for your body and it will care for you. Eat clean and workout hard.

Henry Walker

I've been training here for 3 months now, and can already see and feel results. It's hard work, but lots of fun!"

Krystina Rynes

Choose your
pricing plan


  • £ 7
    Per Visit
  • Pay as you go
    • £7 fee up front, no monthly commitment
    • Just walk in and pay at the door
    • All facilities available
  • £ 40
    Per Month
  • One Month Unlimited
    • £35 per month for NHS*
    • No contract, no cancellation fee
    • One month notice to cancel
  • £ 400
    For 1 Year
  • 12 Month Unlimited
    • Get 12 months for the price of 10
    • Save £80 compared to monthly
    • Pay up-front

*NHS workers will receive a £5 discount on memberships per month. However, to sign up and receive the discount you must visit the gym and bring your NHS identification with you.



How fast can I lose weight?

With a healthy diet and a good training plan you can aim to lose between 3-5lbs a week.

I’m a female, I don’t want to get big muscles!

No problem! Testosterone is the main determinate of the ability to grow in size and strength, and females produce a tiny fraction of this compared to males. Standard biology tells us that someone with much lower levels (women) will never achieve the same growth & size as someone with much more (men). Side note: many of our female clients work on toning up the areas that guys want to grow (arms, legs, chest), so whilst they don’t grow big muscles, they firm up and tell us that they look and feel much better!

How much is too much training?

Listen to your body. If you feel exhausted then rest. If you feel like you can go harder then go harder. As long as your calorie intake is on point (and we’ll help you with this) and you get plenty of sleep (you’re on your own with this, we don’t yet have a tuck-you-in-at-night service!) you will be fine.
Our experts will be looking at your training on a regular basis, and if we think you’re over-training, we will tell you.

I’ve never been to a personal trainer what if I am not fit enough? I don’t want to make a fool of myself

This is one of the most common things we hear! Everyone is a newbie at some point, and everyone is welcome at Barbell Training Complex. When you come to us, we’ll work together to formulate an achievable and fun training regime for you, whatever your current shape or fitness levels. You’ll be given safe and correct training advice to ensure longevity, and in no time at all, you’ll feel fitter and stronger than ever before. In a short time you’ll be able to set foot inside any gym and know how to attack any workout. We want fitness to become part of your life. Warning: exercise and feeling great is very addictive!

I work long hours / I look after the kids / I work away a lot of the time / I don’t have time to train.

Come in and run through your schedule with one of our experts. We have a variety of options to make a bespoke package for your needs, a one hour workout is only 4% of your day. Science agrees that regular “me time” provides real long term mental and physical benefits.

I have a bad back / creaky knees / poor mobility - can I still train?

The answer is almost certainly yes. Come on in for a consultation and one of our experts will take you through some simple movements to check your ability. If we can help, a plan will be put in place to improve the weakness. We have clients who tell us that the issues they had when joining (bad knees) are now non-issues, because we’ve worked with them to strengthen the muscles around the problem area.

I don’t want to train on my own, I want to train with my friends. Is there a option for this?

Of course! partner and group packages can be arranged. Why not bring a group down to one of our circuit classes? They’re intense and a lot of fun! We can also put on larger group classes if you fancy getting your work colleagues together. It can make for a great bonding session, the gym will be all yours for the time you want it!