Barbell Training Complex is a new community developed to provide a unique service at an affordable cost. We know exactly how to provide the most suitable training plan and nutritional guidance to ensure you reach practical and achievable goals to meet your needs. We cater for all levels – whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey, or whether you’ve been training for years, we can offer a package that meets your lifestyle, your goals, and is affordable.  We’ll be happy to chat to you, so call us now on 07532 614014 to book a consultation to see what we can do for you.

Barbell Training Complex is different to your usual faceless high street gyms, who only care about your monthly payments.  We genuinely care about your progress – you are most definitely not “just a number” to us.  We have clients who had previously never set foot in a gym before coming here, who now train with us 3 or 4 times a week, because we know how to motivate you, and most importantly we know how to make it fun!   Come down, take a look around, and try to get on our Leaderboard, where clients record their personal bests.



4 Pack £42 £168
8 Pack £39 £312
12 Pack £36 £432
4 Direct Debit £35 £140
8 Direct Debit £30 £240
Body Composition £10
Training Plan 8 Weeks £50
Food Plan 4 Weeks £30
Classes £5.50 Block of 10 £55


One to one personal training

You won’t find big crowds of people here, and will never have to queue to get onto equipment!  Prebook your session on our iPhone / Android app, and train whenever is best for you.  Imagine a 2,400 square feet training complex, with top of the range equipment (not to mention a great sound system!) all laid out and available for you to train in. You’ll be with an experienced, motivational, friendly trainer whose goal it is to make sure you’re training safely, maximising your training time, achieving your goals and having fun in the process.  We’ve got brand new changing facilities, and shower area to ensure you leave here feeling fresh!

Couples Training

We often hear “I get so little free time, it’s not fair on my partner if I go training instead of spending time with them”. So why not train together? We have a number of couples who do exactly this, and training programs can be formulated so that you both achieve your goals, and importantly, you do it together.

Circuit Training

A great way to maximise your time and a very effective way to lose fat and build muscle. All of our PTs run circuit training sessions, and depending on your preference, they often like to incorporate these into your training regime.  Circuit classes can be anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes, and we guarantee that you’ll get a great workout.  The perfect workout if you’re pushed for time, and a great stress buster!

Body Composition Checks

For all of our PT clients, we’ll monitor the following on a regular basis:

  • your weight
  • body fat %
  • muscle mass %
  • metabolic age and more

There’s real satisfaction in eating sensibly and training effectively for a month, stepping on the body composition equipment, and smiling to yourself when you see the measurable results of your efforts!

Meal Planning

There’s an old saying that “you can’t out-train a bad diet”, and it’s true. You’ll see faster results by combining your fitness & strength training with healthier eating. We’ll provide you with the knowledge, support and encouragement to eat more sensibly. We’re not saying that you can never eat another takeaway meal in your life, more that we’ll provide you with good choices for every lifestyle. Travel a lot with work? We’ll provide you with a list of best food choices when you’re on the road, or eating out.

Vegetarian? Gluten intolerant? No problem – we have many clients who have benefited from bespoke meal plans. We even have clients who we provide with daily meal plans, along with shopping lists, so we really can take the hassle out of eating healthily!

Training Planning

Whether you’ve never trained before and get out of breath walking up the stairs, or whether you’re training for an Iron Man Triathlon, we’ll work with you to create a tailor-made training plan with one thing in mind – your success. We’ll take into account your current fitness level, how often you’re able to train, what you’re trying to achieve, what kind of exercise you prefer, and much more.

Our PTs are actually really nice people (although you can often hear their clients calling them every name under the sun during sessions!), and they know that your sessions have to be enjoyable, and have to provide real results, so you’ll leave each session with a real sense of achievement and looking forward to your next one. And remember, no two training days are the same, so we’ll guarantee that you’ll never get bored training with us.


We have limited (50) spaces available for open gym membership, where you can train during our quieter times.  These times 8am – 12, and then 4pm to 8PM week days, and weekends 8am – 12  midday.  Open gym membership costs £35 per month for unlimited visits.


With a healthy diet and a good training plan you can aim to lose between 3-5lbs a week.

No problem! Testosterone is the main determinate of the ability to grow in size and strength, and females produce a tiny fraction of this compared to males. Standard biology tells us that someone with much lower levels (women) will never achieve the same growth & size as someone with much more (men). Side note: many of our female clients work on toning up the areas that guys want to grow (arms, legs, chest), so whilst they don’t grow big muscles, they firm up and tell us that they look & feel much better!

Listen to your body. If you feel exhausted then rest. If you feel like you can go harder then go harder. As long as your calorie intake is on point (and we’ll help you with this) and you get plenty of sleep (you’re on your own with this, we don’t yet have a tuck-you-in-at-night service!) you will be fine.
Our experts will be looking at your training on a regular basis, and if we think you’re over-training, we will tell you.

Come in and run through your schedule with one of our experts. We have a variety of options to make a bespoke package for your needs, a one hour workout is only 4% of your day. Science agrees that regular “me time” provides real long term mental and physical benefits.

This is one of the most common things we hear! Everyone is a newbie at some point, and everyone is welcome at Barbell Training Complex. When you come to us, we’ll work together to formulate an achievable and fun training regime for you, whatever your current shape or fitness levels. You’ll be given safe and correct training advice to ensure longevity, and in no time at all, you’ll feel fitter and stronger than ever before. In a short time you’ll be able to set foot inside any gym and know how to attack any workout. We want fitness to become part of your life. Warning: exercise and feeling great is very addictive!

The answer is almost certainly yes. Come on in for a consultation and one of our experts will take you through some simple movements to check your ability. If we can help, a plan will be put in place to improve the weakness. We have clients who tell us that the issues they had when joining (bad knees) are now non-issues, because we’ve worked with them to strengthen the muscles around the problem area.

Of course! partner & group packages can be arranged. Why not bring a group down to one of our circuit classes? They’re intense and a lot of fun! We can also put on larger group classes if you fancy getting your work colleagues together. It can make for a great bonding session, the gym will be all yours for the time you want it!


    From the A46 Warwick Bypass heading south:

    Take the Birmingham Road junction off the A46 > signed for Warwick. At the first roundabout take first left on to Wedgnock Lane.

    Take the next right turning on to Cape Road.

    Take the third left turn on to Millers Road immediately after the Co-op.

    After approx 250 metres look for a left turning to the right-hand side of the ‘Just Nice Clean Cars’ building – follow signs down the access road at the side of building to the rear of the premises.

    Car parking is to the rear of ‘Just Nice Clean Cars’ building, Millers Road.

    Postcode: CV34 5AE